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Notice - Forum use

Post  Pauly on 17/4/2014, 12:54 pm

So guys I really like the forum and think it has its place however it has been mentioned to me by a few people from different areas (including non racers) that the general tone is negative on here, whether it is about the series, events, rules or just lack of use of the forum. The forum is an open form of media, anyone can read it and on top of that many people do read it but do not participate (they probably have their reasons). It has been proposed that because of the negativity of the forum that it be closed to prevent the negative comments about the series in the open air, on top of this the handful of people who do actually use the forum isn't a great promotion for the series.

Can I make a request that you please be positive where possible rather than air dirty laundry and take it on yourselves to talk about topics rather than just write "is anyone here?" etc.

In it's current forum pressure is increasing to close it so maybe take this as a notice we need to lift our game!  Very Happy 

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