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Post  Admin on 24/8/2010, 1:44 am

Just a thought, what about a MG Racing Nationals?
Held at somewhere like the MGCC run Sandown state round with all the classes eligible, invite all the SA MG F Trophy guys, all historic cars including TC specials, Glen Taylor from NSW and the NSW historic MG's and make a full grid if not two. At the MGCC Sandown they are always a grid short, so possible a 'Historic' grid and a Open/Fast Road grid. Similar to like what Improved Production do with their Nationals. Cool



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MG Racing Nationals Empty Re: MG Racing Nationals

Post  dm on 30/8/2010, 2:33 pm

Sounds like an excellent idea. I will look forward to seeing how you go with organising it. If you need a few tips I am happy to oblige with a few contacts interstate. As we all know, excellent ideas such as this are only goers if the person making the suggestion is prepared to take the baton and run with it.
It will be lot of work as firstly you will have to liase with the interstate competitors to see who is interested and prepared to commit 100% in advance, next you have to convince a Promotor that you can supply the numbers to obtain the grids that you want and perhaps even put up some dollars as surety against the entries, then you have to actually get the 100% committed to put their entry in and come to the race meeting. Probably you will need to commit perhaps an initial time allotment of 10 hours a week to it in the early days and as it ramps up you will need more time per week. Check with the people who run FOSC on their time involvement for some idea of how mush time it will take from your weekly schedule.

Good luck (I am not being facetious, just realistic)



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