Step Up to the PLate

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Step Up to the PLate

Post  dm on 1/9/2010, 8:50 am

By now all MG Racers will have received the news that Peter Rose and Mark O'Neill are both not standing for the Committee next year at the coming AGM.

The Committee needs new enthusiastic members prepared to put in ideas, time and effort on behalf of the whole group of racers to ensure the future of MG Racing.

So now is the time to step up to the plate and put yourself forward for a position on the Committee where you can be heard and perhaps make a difference rather than letting somebody else do it. I am sure that Peter Rose will be happy to nominate you (in fact anybody can both nominate or be nominated).

If you have ideas that you think will work, have the support of your fellow racers and you are prepared to commit time to make work, now is your chance. If you enjoy your racing and want it to continue..................step up.



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