Stories from Winton 2011

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Stories from Winton 2011

Post  Jay on 13/3/2011, 11:24 pm

Who has stories,

The BMW who joined us in race 2 and caused chaos after he got confused which race he should be in.

Any good battles.

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Re: Stories from Winton 2011

Post  Pauly on 15/3/2011, 2:40 am

Not sure about good stories but it was certainly interesting to go around the cleavage and find a wheel in the middle of the track Surprised and the BMW incident, that will stick in our minds for a while I think.

Sad to see both the ubber quick Powerplay Midgets suffer problems (Meyer with gearbox and Gardiner with engine dramas), It looked like Jase and Jim had a good battle all weekend? We saw the debut of two new ZR's, the Howell 2 litre Judd powered car and the 160 driven by Trent Price and we saw a new SA driver in David Hopper who looks like running later on in the year.

For me, I had an absolute blast, my first race meeting and in a car that was a world apart from what I have driven before I really enjoyed myself and surprised even myself, nothing like a good challenge but of course getting feedback from the owner helped to which I am eternally grateful. Holding Adrian Akhurst out for the first 3 laps on Saturday afternoon before he had some drama's was a thrill and then the great door handle to door handle battle with him on Sunday arvo side by side through the cleavage, down the old back straight and right down the new back straight was great fun, and then side by side over the finish line. And leading the boss for 4 laps Sunday was a surprise not meaning to actually get in front Shocked ... I had so much fun and personally should thank everyone who helped get me there especially Jason Holmes who was a great source of help and advice and made it happen , Sean Herlihy who provided the ute and all his help and I should mention Mike Herlihy who did some running around for me with my licence.

So I think I am hooked now!

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Re: Stories from Winton 2011

Post  greenmgf76 on 16/3/2011, 9:34 am

Hand your wallet at the door Pauly!

10 lapper on Sunday was great. Managed to hang onto David Hopper and execute a dive on the last lap that saw us go side-by-side over the line. I'd rate that over the class win I had on Saturday as I had to push every lap just to stay in touch!

Cheers for the ride Jase!

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Re: Stories from Winton 2011

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