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Post  Pauly on 25/10/2010, 12:31 pm

Did anyone go? I went on Sunday and thought it was a great event.

My Favourites were

McLaren F1
Jaguar XJ220
Mercedes SLR 722 Trophy and Stirling Moss edition
Jaguar E Type Low Drag, XK120, 140, 150
Aston Martin DB2
3500GT Vignale Spider
Alfa Romeo Giulia GTC

I had a really good chat with the gent who owns the 1928 (?) Daimler from USA who was saying Customs didnt want to release it off docks as he may sell it here - Urghhhh yeah right. Also the owner of the XK140 DHC who was a really good guy and took me through all three XK's.
Also met the owner of the Gullwing, Rusty French and a few others. Ran into a couple of MG Racers there as well which was good...

I think it was a really good event and hope they can do it again.

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Motorclassica Melbourne Empty Re: Motorclassica Melbourne

Post  greenmgf76 on 2/1/2011, 10:32 pm

Did you see Moss??? Octane mag reckons the event could become a world feature

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